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Welcome to ANKA!

The Anka bird on our logo is our inspiration.
It is described as a gigantic Arabian bird that lived in the mountains of Qaf (which were referred to as the Queen of Mountains) and it was thought there was only one bird in existence at a time. Some mythologists also say that this bird can live for 1700 years. It is particularly found in poetry and stood for the mightiest power in existence or love.

It was sometimes identified with the simurgh (senmury) as well as with the phoenix bird that burns itself at the end of its life and rises again from the ashes. In another example, the physician Hypocrates has mounted a simurgh and is off to the Kaf Mountains, presumably to obtain medicine.

Much like the mythological bird Anka Services too is a digital communications firm that offers multi-genre, multi-lingual content across video, audio, print, text and other traditional and new age art forms for your companies communications.

Whether you’re considering your next campaign, starting something new or looking to raise your game, we are ready to support your brand.